Parenting becomes much clearer when we realize and accept our children’s roles in advancing God’s work in us. Though we are charged with stewarding their hearts toward the Lord, we are also recipients of God’s grace, discipline, and teaching as he works in us through them.

Every difficult moment or season can be redeemed when we entrust our hearts and the hearts of our kids into God’s loving hands. So much of parenting is a sweet resignation—a letting go. We learn to let go of our children as they grow, but we also learn to let go of ourselves and our own desires in ways that honor God and emulate his perfect, selfless love. It’s truly a difficult, beautiful, sanctifying thing.

So, if you’re in the thick of a tough season of parenting, take heart! God is still at work… in you, and in your child(ren).

God is using you to mold your children, but he’s also using your children to mold you! Let the truth that God is constantly at work be your refuge and joy throughout every season of parenting life.