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3 Critical Truths About Sex to Teach Your Kids

Hard won lessons from personal experience and my work as a marriage pastor

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“In the Moment” Discipleship

Always be ready to point your kids toward the Lord in the moments of life when you (and they) least expect it.

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Your Child is More Than Their Accomplishments (or Lack Thereof)

You are not your grades, your car, your house, or your job. You are not your IQ, your abilities, or your social media following. And your kid isn’t, either.

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No Greater Joy

There is no greater joy than hearing that your children are walking in the truth.

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3 Steps to Better Family Scheduling Decisions

How do we prioritize all the demands and pressures placed on our families? How can we make good decisions as parents and teach our children to do the same?

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two person climbing mountain

3 Big Problems that Lead to Unmet Expectations

Take almost any challenge you have in your marriage or as a parent and run it through this grid.

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4 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Sports Dad

The lessons we’ve learned as parents and as kids have been invaluable— in sports, yes, but more importantly as followers of Christ.

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How We Talk to Our Kids about Pornography

We want our kids to know that it is for freedom that Christ has set us free.

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3 Things Your Adolescent Son Needs to Hear

I want my adolescent sons to know their value comes from the fact that the Lord of the universe created them.

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