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Nourishing Our Families with God’s Word

In our early years of marriage, my Bible study looked a lot like the meals I used to prepare – savory and appetizing. I had time to reference cookbooks, experiment with new flavors, and to taste and see that the food was delicious. Similarly, when it was time to crack open my Bible, I busted out my…

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Bunnies, Eggs, and… the Resurrection?

One of the biggest christian holidays of the year is coming up this weekend. Marked with times of prayer, worship, and feasting. No wait, chocolate bunnies, more eggs than anyone could count…and an Easter bunny who laid them? I can see where this could be confusing to our young kids (and other…

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How Do I Teach My Kids to Pray?

One of the biggest questions I get asked about prayer is “How do I teach my kids to pray?” As we learn the importance of prayer in our own lives, it’s only natural to want to impart that to our kids, too. And I truly believe teaching our kids to pray is just as important as praying for them…

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How & Why to Let Your Kids Suffer

We’re lying on the bed, all piled in together listening to the girls tell us about their trip. They giggle and gesture and talk lightning-fast in that way only tween girls can do.  Our two daughters, London and Eve, have just returned to us after two days away— days spent with their best friend and…

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5 Guiding Principles as You Shepherd Your Child’s Sexuality

In our previous post, we discussed four lies the current cultural narrative constantly feeds us about sex— and how God’s way is the only way to true life. In this post, we want to offer five principles that have helped us as we’ve navigated this tricky terrain. We hope they bless you as you…

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3 Critical Truths About Sex to Teach Your Kids

When I put my trust in Christ as a young man, I began addressing my sexual sin and dysfunction for the first time. I brought a lot of baggage into my marriage because of my sexual sin— baggage I hope my kids never have to deal with in their own lives. I’ve also served as a marriage pastor for over…

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Contributing to Your Child’s Understanding of Sex

Sex tends to get relegated to its own category in life.  We understand that kids learn about math, for example, from all sorts of life experiences and learning opportunities. Science is all around us, and social skills can be developed while doing just about anything.  But sex?  That’s for a…

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What Does a Family of the Word Look Like?

In my previous post, I tackled three reasons why we need to be families of the Word. In this post, I want to explore how to be a family of the Word— or what a family of the Word looks like. I believe there are both attitudes and actions that characterize an individual, couple, or family that…

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Why We Need to be Families of the Word

It’s funny what you remember from your childhood, isn’t it? I can almost feel the fabric of the sofa I sat on to read my Bible and pray every morning before leaving for school. It was what we did, because Mom and Dad said it was necessary. Every day. And they did it, too. Family devotions were…

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