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Nourishing Our Families with God’s Word

In our early years of marriage, my Bible study looked a lot like the meals I used to prepare – savory and appetizing. I had time to reference cookbooks, experiment with new flavors, and to taste and see that the food was delicious. Similarly, when it was time to crack open my Bible, I busted out my…

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3 Movie Heroes Who Can Get Your Kids More Interested in God

One of the most difficult decisions parents face is deciding what types of TV shows and movies their kids can watch—and when. It must seem to our kids (especially our teenagers) like we live in the land of “no”—particularly when their friends seem to have a different set of rules. Our new book,…

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Making the Most of Time with Young Children

If you’re a parent, one of the greatest titles bestowed on you by God is that of “mom” or “dad.” We’re entrusted with the enormous task of raising these little arrows for the kingdom of heaven (Psalms 127:3-5). But, for most of us, “mom” or “dad” isn’t our only title. We have many titles,…

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Parenting in a Pornified World

“Mommy, I don’t want to watch this stuff, but I can’t stop!” a ten-year-old girl told her mom recently after the mom discovered several very hardcore porn videos in the browsing history. “Dad, I’ve been addicted to porn for six years since I got my iPhone when I was 13,” a sophomore in college…

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Finding Home Educations Resources: 3 Helpful Questions

If you’re new to home education, or even a seasoned veteran entering new territory, finding the right resources can be daunting. The sheer volume of available resources feels like a tidal wave of information. One internet search can leave you feeling adrift, maybe even questioning decisions you…

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Bible Reading Guide for Holy Week

For the better part of the past year, our family has enjoyed being a part of a small home church gathering. We continue to marvel at all God is doing in our family and in the families of those involved. Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday and one of the men from our group felt led to write a Bible…

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Your Family Needs a Tech Policy

Your Family Needs a Tech Policy Sarah walked into my 8th grade Language Arts class a little sheepish one morning— and that was unusual. I started teaching and realized Sarah didn’t have her phone out— also unusual. While students worked on the assignment, I asked her what was going on and a nearby…

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A Sample for You! Our Current Family Tech Policy

If you’ve already read our previous post establishing why your family needs a tech policy, we’re back to help you craft one by sharing our own. This is a sample of the tech policy we’ve established for our family. Our children are still young, so they didn’t have as much input in…

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7 Facts About Technology Parents Need to Know

Tech is everywhere and increasing. As parents discipling our children, we need constant reminders and calibration to find health how we use technology. So we asked our good friend (a tech-talk pro) for help! Nathan Sutherland is the President the non-profit, Flint & Iron, where he’s spent…

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