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Bible Reading Guide for Holy Week

For the better part of the past year, our family has enjoyed being a part of a small home church gathering. We continue to marvel at all God is doing in our family and in the families of those involved. Yesterday we celebrated Palm Sunday and one of the men from our group felt led to write a Bible…

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Your Family Needs a Tech Policy

Your Family Needs a Tech Policy Sarah walked into my 8th grade Language Arts class a little sheepish one morning— and that was unusual. I started teaching and realized Sarah didn’t have her phone out— also unusual. While students worked on the assignment, I asked her what was going on and a nearby…

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A Sample for You! Our Current Family Tech Policy

If you’ve already read our previous post establishing why your family needs a tech policy, we’re back to help you craft one by sharing our own. This is a sample of the tech policy we’ve established for our family. Our children are still young, so they didn’t have as much input in…

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7 Facts About Technology Parents Need to Know

Tech is everywhere and increasing. As parents discipling our children, we need constant reminders and calibration to find health how we use technology. So we asked our good friend (a tech-talk pro) for help! Nathan Sutherland is the President the non-profit, Flint & Iron, where he’s spent…

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35+ Bible Verses for Parents

There is nothing like the Bible. Nothing. For Christians, the Bible is more than a book, it's the Word of God himself. For parents, the Bible is a guidebook, a lifeline, a comfort, and a light that shines into the dim and dark spaces of our children's hearts. While many would agree with those…

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12 Parenting Quotes by Charles H. Spurgeon

Who doesn't love a little Spurgeon once in a while? As I've grown as a man, husband, and father, I've appreciated more and more Spurgeon's boldness, doctrine, and style. Some of how he communicates can be credited to his context (Victorian England in the 1800s), but I'd contend that it simply has…

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Parenting Quotes We Love

Much can be and has been said about parenting. As parents, it’s vital that we fill our ears, heads, and hearts with ideas that are rooted in God’s Word and stir our hearts to love our kids the way He intended. As we’ve continued our journey into parenthood, we’ve found the…

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15 Christian Parenting Quotes by Paul David Tripp

Few teachers have impacted this generation of parents like Paul Tripp. His constant reminders of the gospel in the parenting context have helped me as a mother in ways I can't quite articulate. I remember the first few months with our oldest, Dela, at home. I felt inadequate in every way. I was so…

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12 Bible Verses About Kids and Parenting

Every parent holds beliefs (tightly) about parenting that drive their behavior. The question is, what is driving your beliefs? What worldview or philosophy informs your conclusions about what is right (and what isn't right) about how to be a parent? What is the goal of parenting? While much can be…

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