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We’re Ryan & Selena Frederick, the founders of Fierce Parenting. We have 3 daughters and we live in the PNW. We started this site because we consider raising children to be among life’s biggest joys and greatest responsibilities.

A natural progression...

Our passion is to help parents connect the eternal hope of the Gospel to how they love and instruct their children daily. Our work here is a continuation of our efforts through Fierce Marriage, a ministry we founded in 2013 (the same year we had our first daughter).

Parenting is a constant reminder of God's goodness and our need for his continued grace.

We’ve never felt so blessed and so in need of God’s grace than when we became parents. In our first year of parenting—a particularly chaotic year for a number of reasons—it became clear to us that we must affix our thinking, our behaviors, and our beliefs on what God’s Word has to say about family, kids, and parenting. Without the Bible as our anchor, we’re likely to be tossed every which way by our circumstances, our moods, our culture, and our peers.

So, we settled on three foundational tenets that drive our content. You can read more about those via the link below.

More About the 3 Tenets

We’re not perfect parents by any means… and we don’t have many tricks up our sleeves. What we do have we offer here: our experience (wins and failures alike), tons of grace, and Christ himself.

From Fierce Marriage to Fierce Parenting

We’ve spent the past 7 years helping couples through Fierce Marriage where we’ve been blessed to experience fruitful work. We’re always amazed to hear the stories of how God works in the lives of our readers and listeners.

It was a natural progression to begin talking about parenting after spending so much time writing about marriage, so here we are!

We aren’t psychologists, counselors, therapists, or academics (though Ryan is currently working toward a Master’s degree in Theological Studies). We’re just a guy and a girl who are learning how to build a family that is centered on Christ. We don’t know everything, but we promise to share what we do know with honesty and transparency. You can learn more about our marriage story and resources available via the links below.