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Contributing to Your Child’s Understanding of Sex

Many categories of Biblical teaching and everyday conversations contribute to a child’s concept of sex.

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What Does a Family of the Word Look Like?

Do these attitudes and actions characterize your family's relationship with the Word?

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Why We Need to be Families of the Word

Every day you and I decide what to do with God’s Word. We must be families of the Word to know ourselves, know God, and grow in wisdom.

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Forgotten Identity: How to Remember Who You Are and Why It Matters

The Gospel tells us exactly who we are. By the grace of God, we can remind ourselves and our children every day of the glorious truth.

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When We Lose Our Joy

Christ Jesus is the only one that can give me lasting joy.

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Blessed Boundaries

In God’s economy, boundaries = love. So how can we be Father-imitating parents when it comes to boundaries?

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Please Talk with Your Kids About Sex

Parents, we must be our kids’ primary source of information and instruction— in this way we can preach the Gospel even through conversations about sex.

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