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Yelling for Quiet

We’ve all done it. At one time or another we’ve all been total hypocrites while parenting.  It’s ironic and almost comical if you think about it. We’ve yelled at our kids for being too loud. We’ve lost patience with their impatience. We’ve corrected their unkindness unkindly. We’ve complained…

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The Perks of Being Unplugged and Unavailable

We live in a world that’s always on and we’re expected to be available at all times. There are so many perks to being unavailable, though! Moments pass so quickly with our spouses and our children— we can completely and unwittingly miss them if we’re glued to our screens. First let’s look at how…

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4 Practical Ways You Can Care for Orphans

When we are adopted into the Kingdom of Christ, we’re made brand new. We’re given a new heart and a new spirit, committed to living out our lives on earth as it is in heaven. The most amazing grace is extended to us as we are born into a new family of believers, with the beautiful responsibility to…

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How We Talk to Our Kids about Pornography

I looked at porn for the first time as a seven-year-old boy. While playing at a friend’s house, we went into his attic and found his dad’s stash of porn. I didn’t really know what I was looking at but I took a centerfold home with me and hid it in a drawer in my bedroom. A few years later I found a…

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On Home Education: Don’t Lie to Yourself

“Modern education has been plagued by utilitarianism for a very long time, and both teachers and students have come to think that school should teach only what will be useful in the pursuit of a career.” —Karen Glass (Consider This) Two Questions to Always Ask I’m grateful to my parents for so many…

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On Home Education: What If I Fail?

In my last post, I defined education as an extension of discipleship. The task of educating our children is not confined to merely math and literacy, but seeing those disciplines within the whole framework of life. Education ought to blur the lines that have been mistakenly drawn between “life” and…

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3 Things NOT to Say to Grieving Parents

I wish I didn’t have any advice to offer you about what NOT to say to grieving parents. I wish I could stay in my naïve, blissful bubble where death remains an idea, not a reality. But here we are. Our firstborn son, Daniel, passed away eight years ago. These are things that I wish I did not…

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The Value of Sport for Young Disciples

“To sport or not to sport” is a question for many Christian families. I believe our response should be a hearty, resounding “Yes!”  The Things of Earth Does sport fit into the Christian life, and in particular, the Christian family life? I propose that those questions are part of a broader…

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Are You an Owner-Parent?

In this brief article I want to challenge you to consider two words that may not seem to go together at face value.  The words are ‘parent’ and ‘steward’. When we hear the term ‘steward’ our minds tend to go to thoughts of money and possessions. When we hear the word ‘parent’, we think of kids.…

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