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4 Lessons I’ve Learned as a Sports Dad

You win some. You lose some. And sometimes you really lose some.  I drove almost 2 hours on my day off to go watch one of my high school sons play basketball. He played a decent game, all things considered, but his team lost 101-42.  Yes, you read that right. They lost a high school basketball game…

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Teach Your Children to Worship

Our role as parents is to steward our children— we don’t own them. They are gifts from God, entrusted to us to steward on His behalf. Our goal in stewarding our children is for them to grow as stewards of the relationships in their own life— their relationship with God, with themselves, with others…

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We Aren’t Loving Homeschooling

I’m homeschooling my oldest son this year— he’s seven— and I’d like to just confess here publicly: We aren’t loving it. We are doing the math and the reading out loud and a million baking soda volcanos and lots of hikes. And every time I check in with him to say, “Hey, it’s not so bad, is it?” he…

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How to Help Your Children Find True Happiness

We love to make our kids happy. That feeling we get when they smile and say, “Thank you, Daddy. That was the best time, ever.” There’s a special kind of a delight a parent takes in their child’s delight. When they’re happy, we’re happy. As they get older, our culture teaches them what they “need”…

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5 Things I Lost When I Became a Parent

It’s amazing how quickly life goes by and how fast we transition from newlyweds, to love birds, to the parents of three amazing little kids (with one on the way!). These years have gone by so fast, and we’re excited to see what God has planned for the future. But who could have prepared…

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Yelling for Quiet

We’ve all done it. At one time or another we’ve all been total hypocrites while parenting.  It’s ironic and almost comical if you think about it. We’ve yelled at our kids for being too loud. We’ve lost patience with their impatience. We’ve corrected their unkindness unkindly. We’ve complained…

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The Perks of Being Unplugged and Unavailable

We live in a world that’s always on and we’re expected to be available at all times. There are so many perks to being unavailable, though! Moments pass so quickly with our spouses and our children— we can completely and unwittingly miss them if we’re glued to our screens. First let’s look at how…

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4 Practical Ways You Can Care for Orphans

When we are adopted into the Kingdom of Christ, we’re made brand new. We’re given a new heart and a new spirit, committed to living out our lives on earth as it is in heaven. The most amazing grace is extended to us as we are born into a new family of believers, with the beautiful responsibility to…

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How We Talk to Our Kids about Pornography

I looked at porn for the first time as a seven-year-old boy. While playing at a friend’s house, we went into his attic and found his dad’s stash of porn. I didn’t really know what I was looking at but I took a centerfold home with me and hid it in a drawer in my bedroom. A few years later I found a…

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