About 7 years ago when we started Fierce Marriage, we didn’t have any kids. We were into our 10th year of marriage and God led us to start sharing openly and transparently about our successes and failures.

Well, we now feel like we have the go-ahead to the same type of thing for parenting—though we imagine that it will be very different! We will share our journey, but this thing will definitely NOT be about us, the Fredericks. It will be all about Jesus.

It seems that every struggle we encounter as parents can be traced to some way we’re not believing God’s ideas about family. In an effort to distill down the big disrupting lies that tend to lead us off course, we came up with our 3 Core Tenets. These three core ideas will inform and drive all that we share.

So, here they are.

1. Kids are a blessing.

Kids can be tough, and parenting is a marathon. However, no matter their issues or dispositions, we must view them for what they are: a blessing from God that should be stewarded and raised with loving care.

2. Family is God’s idea.

Culture and society don’t prioritize the same things God prioritizes. It’s an age-old theme. As parents, we feel all sorts of pressure to get our priorities out of balance. By reminding ourselves that family is God’s idea, we can start arranging our hearts, minds, and lives in a way that reflects his priorities no matter what the world tells us.

3. Parenting is discipleship.

Kids are whole people who need constant discipleship. This translates into how we instruct, discipline, say “yes” or “no” to activities, and so many other areas. By standing on the truth that parenting is discipleship, we can be reminded of the eternal role we play in the hearts and minds of our kids—and it’s not just to prepare them for jobs or for marriage.

Biblical parenting, a true revolution

So, we welcome you—we invite you—to join us on this journey. Will you?

We dream of the day decades from now when we’ll see a glimpse of all God can do when a generation of parents chooses to hold fast to him and teach our kids the same. Just think of all God can do in a few generations! Can you imagine what that will be like? Time will tell.

For today, we’ll be holding fast to this promise for the rest of our lives:

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”
(Prov 22:6)

Alright, fierce parents, let’s do this!