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HuffPost on What Makes Kids Unhappy. (and Why They're Wrong)

Above all, we want our kids to know and love the Lord. While that is our priority, we also care about their emotional well-being and pray that they are able to find joy in their lives. What does it mean to maximize their joy and keep their eyes on Christ?

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Coping with the Exhaustion of Motherhood

So you think you know the feeling of exhaustion before you have kids… and then after you have kids it’s like you’ve unlocked a whole new level. The good news is the Lord meets us in those moments and uses these seasons for sanctification!

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Giving Our Children a Robust WONDER of Revelation

One of our favorite things about being parents is reliving moments through our kid’s eyes. One thing that’s been on our minds, is how can we steward their wonder well and ultimately point them to our Creator? Listen in to hear more!

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Everyone Says to Enjoy the Little Years... but How?? Here's Are 5 Practical Ways

You’ve heard this saying before, but do you always believe it? We hope to give you some tangible ways to enjoy your kids unto the glory of God!

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Should Parents Ever YELL at Their Kids?

Should parents ever raise their voices in the home? Aren’t we called to be patient and calm? In this episode, Ryan and Selena discuss the distinctions between yelling, anger, and sin, and how those distinctions might change how we view yelling in the home.

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Talking to Teenage Daughters About Dating... Among OTHER Things

It’s so important to have these kinds of conversations, but how do we go about navigating this tricky area of parenting? Join us as we discuss how to talk to teenage daughters about what biblical dating should look like.

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Should I Let My Kids Use AI?

AI is all the rage these days, but along with the novelty of this technology come many concerns and unknowns. Today we’re talking about how we should disciple our kids in this new day and age.

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The Unique Roles of Fathers and Mothers

Today we’re talking about the strengths of fathers and mothers, how they complement each other and in turn, help their children grow. God uniquely addresses fathers and mothers, so we want to press into that and live out his good design.

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Parenting in the Postmodern Era

The irony of defining post-modernism is that one of its core outcomes is the lack of definition itself. How do we disciple our children in a world that ignores not only truth in this world but THE truth? We hope to encourage parents to disciple their kids well, who go on to disciple their kids well, and so on and so forth for the glory of God.

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