smiling woman in white dress holding toddler

What is a Women... By Design?

Today we ventured into the minefield of gender and its relevance to marriage and parenting. We discussed the wonder of the beauty of being made in God’s image, by his design. This is a super exclusive and special collab between Fierce Marriage AND Fierce Parenting… (kidding, sort of). We hope it blesses you!

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grayscale photography of man lifting a girl

Don't Fix Yourself, Fix Your Eyes

Sometimes the only way to fix anything as a parent is to fix our eyes squarely on Christ, behold his goodness, and let him do what only he can do: transform hearts.

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two person step on gray soil

Parenting by Faith, Not Fear

Parenting is frightening at times, but we needn’t parent out of fear. Instead, may we be faith-filled and faithful parents to the children God places into our care.

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