woman carrying child while standing near trees at daytime

Relax, You Needn’t Be the Hero

The most liberating truth about gospel-centered parenting is that you don’t have to be the hero of your child’s story. Instead, you get to be the guide who introduces them to true Hero! Yes, in many ways they may come to regard us as their heroes (not a bad thing), but that’s not…

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girl reading book sitting on sofa

The Work that Happens in the Home

Somewhere along the way, as a society we began devaluing the work that happens in the home. Sure, home is the place where we unwind, spend time with family, cook good meals, and enjoy entertainment, but what of the work that happens there? Note, we're not talking about home improvement or chores.…

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The Myth of Legacy

A friend once told me a freeing truth. He said, "Legacy is a myth." At first it grated on me. "What!? Of course legacy is real... and it's super important!" I thought. I was deflated and indignant. Then I considered the legacy of my own great grandparents. Sadly (and to my shame), I don't even know…

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