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Are You an Owner-Parent?

In this brief article I want to challenge you to consider two words that may not seem to go together at face value.  The words are ‘parent’ and ‘steward’. When we hear the term ‘steward’ our minds tend to go to thoughts of money and possessions. When we hear the word ‘parent’, we think of kids.…

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3 Things Your Adolescent Son Needs to Hear

I never heard the words I needed to hear most as a young man. As a result, I turned to the world to give me the value and “wisdom” I craved. I don’t blame my parents— they did the best they could with what was available to them. My dad passed away when I was 6 and my stepdad passed away a few years…

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Headache Now or Heartache Later?

The idea of rebuke grates against our flesh. I know that Selena and I neither like receiving it nor giving it… especially as parents! Still, if we are to live wisely in how we disciple our children (and each other), we must learn to not only accept the idea of rebuke, we must *embrace it* and…

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5 Steps for Reading the Bible with Your Children

A few weeks back I was up early reading through the book of Hebrews. Our oldest daughter, Dela (6), happened to get up early too. She’s a professional snuggler, so her typical M.O. is to climb into my lap regardless of what I’m doing and just sink in. Except this morning was different.…

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The Profound Difference Between Training and Raising Our Children

We’re new to the raised-garden scene. Selena’s been wanting one for some time, but this is the first summer we’ve had the bandwidth (no book deadlines, no babies on the way, and we’re not moving). So, earlier this summer I bought some lumber and built her an above-ground…

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Relax, You Needn’t Be the Hero

The most liberating truth about gospel-centered parenting is that you don’t have to be the hero of your child’s story. Instead, you get to be the guide who introduces them to true Hero! Yes, in many ways they may come to regard us as their heroes (not a bad thing), but that’s not…

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Parents Who are Becoming

Fathers have a special role to play in the lives of their children (as do mothers!). The ideas, character, habits, and attitudes our kids grow up with are less the result of the words we say to them and more the result of who we are—as parents, yes, but specifically as fathers. Here’s the…

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Tiny Mirrors and Stirred Hearts

This is a short post, but I wanted to encourage you with a profound reminder: our kids learn to love and cherish what we love and cherish. They learn to value what we value. In other words, much of the awe that rules our children’s hearts depends on the awe that rules our own hearts. Tiny…

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Trusting in God’s Precise Sovereignty

Consider something with me for a moment. You are the exact parents God gave to your exact children for this exact moment in time. Do you believe that? The word "exact" means "not approximated in any way; precise." Whether you're considering the current global crisis or looking at your average day,…

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The Truth About Our Roles As Parents

“The goal of parenting isn’t to create perfect kids. It is to point our kids to the perfect God.” I read that quote from Lindsey Bell and sighed a breath of relief. I had just been facing another tough day as a mom—feeling dejected, tired, and inadequate. This sweet reminder…

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