Nothing replaces seeing our kids. It’s easy to get so caught up in the day-to-day of parenting that we forget to stop, see, and appreciate the little differences in personality in each child. This is true whether you have one or many.

As parents, it’s a challenge, a joy, and a privilege navigating the personality developments in our kids. There are days when we scratch our heads, wondering what in the world has come over them… and then there are days when we’re blown away at how mature they’ve become.

As parents seeking to raise our kids to know and love Jesus, we get to take it one step further. e get to ask: How does my child’s uniqueness shape how I present them with the Gospel? It’s a vital question that only you can begin to answer.

Be encouraged! God gave you to your kids just as he gave your kids to you. You are the person for the job… and He has and will equip you to do it well when you look to Him.

So, fierce parents, look to Jesus! Then, don’t forget to *see* your kids as you learn to teach them to look to Christ as well.