The term “gospel saturated” has a way of making us think a little differently. As parents who want to raise our kids to know God, we will readily admit that the gospel is important as we navigate the various questions and challenges inherent to parenting.

But why is the gospel important? And what could it mean to be “gospel saturated”? Let’s explore.

What is gospel-saturated parenting?

The first thought that comes to mind is that when something is saturated, it begins to seep the substance that saturates it.

Think of a sponge. Sponges are great at absorbing water… until they’re not. They have an absorption capacity that, once reached, causes the sponge to seep water. To take the analogy a step further, when the sponge is squeezed, the stuff it’s filled with is what comes out. It can’t exude something that’s not in it, but whatever is in it comes out with great force.

You can see where this is going.

The best way to see what saturates your heart is to squeeze. Apply pressure. And what better place is there for us to feel the pressure than when dealing with little humans with needs, desires, sin-natures, loud voices, big tears, and an inability to think rationally 100% of the time?? Nothing squeezes the heart quite like parenting. It matters what comes out of us in the process.

Cling to Christ

  • Does being “gospel saturated” mean we’re perfect parents? No, but it does mean we recognize our imperfection and therefore, our need for Jesus. So we cling to Christ.
  • Does being “gospel saturated” mean we’re never down or that we never face challenges? No, but it does mean that we don’t face them alone. So we cling to Christ.
  • Does being “gospel saturated” mean that our kids are guaranteed to turn out the way we hope? No, but it does mean that we can trust in God’s goodness and sovereignty. So we cling to Christ.

Seeing a theme yet? Gospel saturated parenting means one thing: clinging to Christ.

So, fierce parent, what saturates you? Are you parenting from a heart that is clinging to Christ? The beautiful thing is that no matter how you answer those questions, you can pray and ask Jesus to help you cling to him more, and he is faithful to answer those who seek him.