This thought challenged me recently: How quick can we be to dismiss or take too lightly the joy and importance of being parents? Life is hectic. Work seems important. Your body feels tired.

It’s so easy to lose perspective.

If that’s you, keep reading for a timely reminder!

The Molder of Souls

First, there’s a big caveat to all of this: God is sovereign and only he softens hard hearts. Any contribution we have to the soul-forming of our children is as agents of God’s always-working, human-hands-using grace. In short: God always does the heavy lifting and, by his grace, we get to participate.

Have you ever thought deeply about your role as “forming your child’s soul”? It’s an amazing truth to think about.

What does it mean to FORM a child’s soul? And what role, if any, do we have to play as parents? And (this is the question that haunts every parent)—what if none of your efforts actually work? Let’s explore briefly.

But, how?

First off, as a parent, you are definitely a “soul former”; and through God’s sovereignty he uses your soul-forming work. Never doubt that! This massive and amazing responsibility comes directly from Scripture: “Train up a child in the way he should go…” (Pr 22:6). You were chosen by God to be the parent of your children—they needed you and you needed them, so press into it.

Still, the questions remain from the above passage: What is “the way”? And how do we instruct our children “in it”? If we trust Jesus and trust God’s Word as the primary authority in our lives, there’s your answer! His Word—the Bible—is the way. His principles are the way. And the Holy Spirit’s help is the way.

We trust

As we journey through parenthood, we must stand firm knowing that God’s way not just a better alternative, it is THE way. So. . .

When you’re tired, trust His way.

When you’re angry, trust His way.

When you feel aimless, trust His way.

When you have no idea what next step to take, trust His way.

And when you don’t know if they’re hearing a single word coming out of your mouth… still, trust His way.

So, fierce parent, take confidence as you go about the good, worthy work of forming souls. Train your children in God’s way—read His Word to them, ask them questions about, show them the stories, and gently guide them back to it when they veer off the path. Even if they don’t follow you back, still instruct… because as you do, you trust. And, here’s the kicker, you have a Father who has always proven trustworthy.

"As we parent, we must stand firm knowing that God's way not just a better way, it is the way."

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