We can so easily underestimate our ability to teach our kids the deep things of God. Or, we think it’s our pastor’s job (to an extent it is), or that they’ll have to learn on their own.

This is the very special reality that is the home: we are placed in our kids’ lives for a short period of time to care for them and instruct them in their most formative years. As Christian parents, our job isn’t just showing our children how to function in society. Our aim is to show them that the route toward true human flourishing is through Christ alone, and that they are individuals made in God’s image who are designed to exclusively glorify him. I hope we never lose sight of how revolutionary and counter-cultural that is.

That’s the big picture. Still, what about today?

Today, we trust.

But how? Here are three practical ways we can trust God daily as parents:

1. Pray

It sounds obvious, but we must not forget! When we forget to pray, it’s usually because we forget our need for God (that stings as I write this). Praying continually (1 Thess 5:17) for our kids is a continual sign that we need God’s help more than anything else as we instruct their young hearts.

Pray that God would keep everyone’s hearts soft. Pray that he gives you deep, abiding peace and patience. Pray that he helps you see each child and love him/her well. Pray that they respond to the Gospel quickly and gladly. Pray for unity in your home. Pray for vision, mission, and conviction to follow Jesus no matter the cost. Pray that you’d find all contentment, joy, direction, and satisfaction in Christ alone.

See what happens? When we pray to God, we trust him as God. And when we trust God, our eyes begin to lift and behold the full goodness and glory of God.

2. Read the Bible with them

We can sometimes think our kids are too young to hear God’s word—even the harder parts. But, if we don’t read the full text of the Bible to them, who will? Reading God’s Word to them at every age is an act of trusting God and trusting His Word to do what it’s designed to do: show us the way to salvation.

If and when you approach hard parts, try to resist the urge to skip over, gloss over, or blow past them. Ask, Why is the text challenging in that particular place? What could it be revealing to us about God, his people, and his plan for redemption? Don’t worry, your Bible can hold up under the scrutiny. These types of questions will strengthen their faith and understanding of Scripture while doing the same for you.

3. Let God be God

This is quite harder than it sounds! Yes, we are called to guide and direct our kids, but we can’t protect them from every mistake or hurt. We’d do well to remember that only God can change a child’s heart and that God loves them more than we ever could. Trust that he’ll use your imperfect efforts to accomplish his perfect ends. That’s the ultimate act of trust.

Thematically speaking

See a theme developing? It’s trust.

  • We trust when we pray.
  • We trust as we we read God’s unfiltered Word to them.
  • We trust God to do what only God can do.

In all things, we must trust God. Amen? Amen.

As Selena and I continue this Fierce Parenting journey, we’ll continue to explore “trust” as a core theme of being a parent. We hope to learn alongside you!

Until next time, stay fierce, friends. You’re doing God’s work.