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What Does a Family of the Word Look Like?

In my previous post, I tackled three reasons why we need to be families of the Word. In this post, I want to explore how to be a family of the Word— or what a family of the Word looks like. I believe there are both attitudes and actions that characterize an individual, couple, or family that…

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You Be the Parent!

What can be said about the special scope of authority held by parents? How does the Bible instruct us? Today we discussed just that and looked at various ways parental authority can be chipped away by ourselves (unwittingly as well as intentionally) and society. It was a very lively conversation,…

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Why We Need to be Families of the Word

It’s funny what you remember from your childhood, isn’t it? I can almost feel the fabric of the sofa I sat on to read my Bible and pray every morning before leaving for school. It was what we did, because Mom and Dad said it was necessary. Every day. And they did it, too. Family devotions were…

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“In the Moment” Discipleship

As parents, our most important— most basic— job is to disciple our children to Jesus.  With three (soon-to-be four!) teenagers at home and 17 years of parenting behind me, I’ve grown in my understanding of what it means to disciple my kids.  I came into parenthood with some very specific…

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No Perfect Parents (Dave & Ann Wilson)

What a relief it is to know that God uses imperfect parents to his perfect ends. In this week’s episode of the Fierce Parenting podcast, we talked with Dave and Ann Wilson, who are friends, authors, radio hosts, and faithful ministers of Christ. We laughed a lot… and even cried a little…

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Tenet 3: All of Parenting is Discipleship

Parents face countless decisions each day. What governs the decisions we make? When we view all of parenting as discipleship, everything changes. Every choice has a context: raising our children to know, love, and obey God. Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen OnGoogle…

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Tenet 2: Family is God’s Idea

When we acknowledge that God designed family, our view of its priority is transformed. Then and only then can we take full responsibility for our roles in the family. Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen OnGoogle PodcastsListen OnSpotifyTenet 2: Family is God's IdeaShow…

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Tenet 1: Children Are a Blessing

This is the first of the three core tenets that drive us as parents and Fierce Parenting as a ministry. Children are a blessing from God himself. We must resist attitudes that consider children to be burdens, nuisances, or “in the way”. Children are a blessing because God says they’re a blessing.…

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Making the Most of Time with Young Children

If you’re a parent, one of the greatest titles bestowed on you by God is that of “mom” or “dad.” We’re entrusted with the enormous task of raising these little arrows for the kingdom of heaven (Psalms 127:3-5). But, for most of us, “mom” or “dad” isn’t our only title. We have many titles,…

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5 Tips for Helping Children Find Their Identity in Christ Through a Bedtime Routine

Whether it’s 15 minutes, half an hour, or an entire hour, most families settle into some sort of bedtime routine— bath time, brushing teeth, pajamas. It’s all part of getting ready for a good night’s rest whether you’ve got toddlers, preschoolers, or teens.  But did you know that your family’s…

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