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Forgotten Identity: How to Remember Who You Are and Why It Matters

Have you ever seen a movie or read a story about someone who can’t remember their identity? Forgetting your identity makes life feel upside-down— nothing feels right, even though you might be physically comfortable and cared for. Because you don’t know who you are, your purpose is fuzzy. You live…

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Your Child is More Than Their Accomplishments (or Lack Thereof)

One of my sons is known for his academic prowess. He’s a good student and test-taker and works very hard at his studies. Even at a young age we could tell he was a sharp cookie. One day, while sitting at the lunch table with a few friends, some boys started mocking him and calling him “nerd”…

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Parenting in a Pornified World

“Mommy, I don’t want to watch this stuff, but I can’t stop!” a ten-year-old girl told her mom recently after the mom discovered several very hardcore porn videos in the browsing history. “Dad, I’ve been addicted to porn for six years since I got my iPhone when I was 13,” a sophomore in college…

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Protecting and Cultivating Our Kids’ Sense of Wonder

To delight in something means to find great pleasure in it.  Children are wired to delight. Have you been around small children lately? Spend the day with my two-year-old, and you’ll quickly re-enter the realm of easy delight: This girl squeals at every single dog she sees, each time her Papa…

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3 Ways My Kids Help Me Delight

It’s funny how the things that have the potential to frustrate me the most about my kids are also the things that remind me what really matters. Here are three ways my children help me delight in the simple things: 1. Literally stop and smell the roses.  Many years ago, when my oldest daughter…

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No Greater Joy

Confession: Anyone close to me knows how much I disliked “Dad Life” in the baby, toddler, and early elementary school days.  Our sons cried too much. They drained our bank account. And they frustratingly wouldn’t comply with my every wish and command.  Date nights went by the wayside. Fun vacations…

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When We Lose Our Joy

I dare say that almost every Christian parent in the world has found it a little harder to keep a joyful spirit at home over the past year. I don’t think joy-losing is a problem unique to a worldwide pandemic. It’s a struggle that every believer has to face because we live as redeemed children of…

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“Not Everyone Can Be a Foster Parent…”

“Not everyone can be a foster parent, but everyone can help foster kids…” It was our first night as foster parents. That well-known radio ad was playing overhead at midnight as I desperately wandered the baby section at WalMart. Picking up and putting down baby supplies like a zombie—  I was trying…

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Finding Home Educations Resources: 3 Helpful Questions

If you’re new to home education, or even a seasoned veteran entering new territory, finding the right resources can be daunting. The sheer volume of available resources feels like a tidal wave of information. One internet search can leave you feeling adrift, maybe even questioning decisions you…

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