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Why Every Family Needs Habits

“We don’t rise to the level of our goals, but we sink to the level of our systems.” In today’s episode, Ryan and Selena discuss WHY habits are so important in every household, especially if our aim is training our children up to love and serve God. Enjoy! Listen below!……

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The ONE Thing Parents Must Do

If you do nothing else as a Christian parent, do this. Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen OnGoogle PodcastsListen OnSpotifyEpisode 22: The ONE Thing Parents Must DoShow Podcast Information Kids will be kids… as the saying goes. But what does that phrase mean biblically? In…

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Parenting by Faith, Not Fear

Parenting is frightening at times, but we needn’t parent out of fear. Instead, may we be faith-filled and faithful parents to the children God places into our care. Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen OnGoogle PodcastsListen OnSpotifyEpisode 21: Parenting by Faith, Not…

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Truly Delighting in Your Children

Delight doesn’t always come easy. That’s okay, because we can learn to practice delight based on the kindness, goodness, and instruction of Christ. Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen OnGoogle PodcastsListen OnSpotifyEpisode 20: Truly Delighting in Your ChildrenShow…

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How to Start a Revolution (For Real)

Do you feel like our world is careening of the edge of an existential cliff? We have good news for you: you can make a lasting impact on the world, and you can be a true revolutionary. However, it might not look like you think it should look. Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen…

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Discipling Through Desire

Human desire is a powerful thing. How can we, as parents, recognize opportunities to disciple our children through the things they want? Tune in for the discussion! Listen below! Listen OnApple PodcastsListen OnGoogle PodcastsListen OnSpotifyEpisode 18: Discipling Through DesireShow…

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What is Family Discipleship? (Adam and Chelsea Griffin)

Family discipleship. It’s a loaded term, and it feels overwhelming for most. What does it mean specifically? How do we make parenting decisions through a discipleship perspective? And, what if we’ve completely failed to disciple our kids thus far? Can we still find a way forward? In this week’s…

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Should My Kids Be On Social Media? What Does the Bible Say?

What if we told you that the the entire growth model for businesses like Facebook (Meta), TikTok, and Instagram is to capture the hearts, minds, and time of our young as quickly as possible? In this episode, Ryan and Selena discuss how to navigate the tricky waters of online life by looking to the…

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Becoming Parents Who Send (The Home, 4 of 4)

What considerations can be made when it comes to “sending” kids as ambassadors of the family of God? In this episode, we conclude our series on The Home by looking at the role parents play as they intentionally send their children out into the world— so far as they’re prepared— to…

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Words and Worship (The Home, 3 of 4)

So much of our home life has to do with words and worship. What can be said about the words that are heard and seen around our homes? How can they stir our hearts and the hearts of our children to worship God? In this episode we looked at the profound nature of our words, and why it’s vitally…

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