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3 Simple Practices for Healthier Tech at Home

In the words of Bob Wiley: "Baby steps."

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Protecting and Cultivating Our Kids’ Sense of Wonder

Cultivate a sense of wonder in your children so they’re able to see God for who he is.

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How is Partial Attention Impacting Your Disciple-Making?

When we give way to continuous partial attention, we condition our brains to be halfway engaged— in all things. Including disciple-making.

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Little, Developing, Overstimulated Brains

When we set boundaries around our kids' screen time, we’re stepping into our God-given role as parents— we're stewarding and loving them well.

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Transparent, Trustworthy, Wise Tech Use

As tech users— and as parents of kids who are fully immersed in a digital world— we must model what it looks like to live above reproach in all areas of our lives.

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We Aren’t Loving Homeschooling

A call for nuance, empathy, and encouragement as we submit our days and kids to the Lord

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The Perks of Being Unplugged and Unavailable

Our brains and bodies were not made for the constant pounding of stimulation they receive in our modern world. We must make room for silence.

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3 Things NOT to Say to Grieving Parents

Now is the time to literally mourn with those who are mourning

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