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Keys to Creating Core Memories For Your Kids

Today we’re talking about three formative categories that really make up our kid’s childhood. Join us as we reminisce on our own childhoods as well as reflect on our kid’s current childhood.

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Tending to the Light in Teenage Eyes

There are some teens that have a natural light and whimsy to their presence that is so enjoyable to be around. Now our question is why? And how can we cultivate that light in childhood and help them maintain that through their teen years?

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Our Parenting Regrets (and Ways You Can Minimize Them)

This isn’t always our favorite thing to talk about, but hopefully, you can learn from our mistakes! We hope you are encouraged and feel empowered to disciple your kids well and raise them to know the Lord!

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Talking to Young Men About Relationships and Life

Last week we went over how to discuss what Godly dating should look like for young ladies. This week, we have something to say for the young men. We pray it blesses you and your sons!

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Say It With a Smile

How can we keep our hearts soft towards our children and vice versa? We’ve been learning how to say it with a smile. Listen in to hear more!

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Frederick Update: Welcome Home, Sunny!

In the last month we brought home our 4th baby girl, and with that comes so much joy and also a couple tricky things. Join us as we share our latest family update and the real-time life lessons we’re learning along the way!

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The ONE Thing I Teach My Daughters about Boys

As a father, one of the things that keeps me awake at night is wondering, praying, and scheming about the kinds of men my daughters will marry. With that said, there is ONE thing I teach them about boys.

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The Best Way to Say No

What is the heart posture and the purpose behind our “no”? We’d like to contend that there are better ways to say no than others.

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Part 2: How Can I Teach My Kids the Bible if I Don't Feel Like I Know it Well Enough?

Last week we started a conversation about what to do if you feel like you’re unequipped to teach your kids the Bible. We’re continuing that discussion this week! We hope you join.

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