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Home Education, Part 3: What Were Public Schools Designed to Do?

Today we give a brief history of government education and look at how well (or how poorly) they’re suited for supplementing the Christian parent’s goal of disciplining their children in the things of God.

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Home Education, Part 2: What does the Bible Say?

Does the Bible say anything about home education? Yes… and no. Depends. Listen to find out!

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Teaching Children the Wonder of Work

What if we have lazy kids? Is there a way to instruct and show them the gift and wonder of God-glorifying work, both in the home and in their careers? Spoiler alert: yes!

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Showing *and* Telling the Gospel to Our Children

We fall short if we tell our kids to love God without showing them he *is* loved by us.

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Talking to Your Kids About the War in Ukraine

Without question, it’s tough and tricky talking to our children about war. How can we help understand what’s going on and make sense of it in light of a biblical worldview? In this episode, we discuss exactly that.

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Building Bible Literacy in the Home

Bible literacy matters, but what is it exactly? In this episode, Ryan and Selena discuss what it means to be biblically literate and share ways they work to build bible literacy in the hearts and minds of their children.

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two toddler playing letter cubes

What is Family Discipleship? (Adam and Chelsea Griffin)

Family discipleship.

It’s a loaded term, and it feels overwhelming for most.

What does it mean specifically? How do we make parenting decisions through a discipleship perspective? And, what if we’ve completely failed to disciple our kids thus far? Can we still find a way forward?

In this week’s episode, we interviewed Adam Griffin (pastor, author, podcaster) and his lovely bride, Chelsea, on Adam’s latest book, Family Discipleship. We hope you learn something!

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