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The Benefits of Boredom

Boredom for the win! Listen to hear why letting your kids work through their boredom will make them grow in profound ways.

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Words and Worship (The Home, 3 of 4)

So much of our home life has to do with words and worship.

What can be said about the words that are heard and seen around our homes? How can they stir our hearts and the hearts of our children to worship God?

In this episode we looked at the profound nature of our words, and why it’s vitally important for parents to embrace the true meanings and functions of our words for the health of their entire household.

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How Children View "Home" (The Home, 2 of 4)

So much of our lives revolve around the home, but how do our children see their role in the mission of their home? In today’s episode we discussed three key questions.

  1. What do your kids understand about your home?
  2. Do your/our kids know that our home has a purpose?
  3. How can your kids participate in the mission and purpose of our home?

We hope it blesses you!

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