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Reasons Why Giving Our Kids Self-Esteem MIGHT Be Overrated

Turns out, there are ways to encourage your kids that are very beneficial, and there are ways that may be destructive… Listen in to find out what we mean!

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My Mom and Dad Always...

What memories do you have of your parents? Surely you remember your parent’s habits, whether good or bad, and it might make you think, “what do I want my kids to remember me for?”

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Writing Letters to Your Children in Case You Die

We can’t control or predict the future, but we can prepare for it. In this episode, we want to prompt some questions in regard to the legacy that you leave for your kids in case of an untimely death.

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How to Write a Family Vision Statement

Today we get to talk about one of our favorite things… building and implementing a family vision statement! Listen in as we discuss who you are as a family, why you exist, what you value, and what your mission is. All in light of the gospel.

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Why Your Family NEEDS a Mission

A marriage on mission fulfills the Great Commission in ways specific to how God designed marriage to flourish and function. In today’s episode, we are unpacking Genesis 1:28 and seeing all God intends for our mission field.

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Responding without ANGER? (Scott and Kristen Kedersha)

There is power in thoughtfully responding to our kids when they misbehave. Today we interviewed Scott and Kristen Kedersha (they have 4 boys) about better ways to respond without getting angry.

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You Get 18 Summers

It’s unbelievable how quick kids grow up. Today we talked about embracing and making the most of summer seasons to make memories with your kids that will last a lifetime.

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THIS is Your Greatest Contribution as Parents...

“Children are never in the way of what God is doing in the world. Children ARE what God is doing in the world.” So true… but too often, we treat them as distractions from something greater and more important. Today’s episode covers 5 real-life ways parents actively contribute to God’s kingdom daily.

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Keeping A Long-term Perspective in the Daily Weeds of Parenting

It’s tough to see the grand perspective when you’re stuck in the weeds of parenting. This episode should help!

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