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Words and Worship (The Home, 3 of 4)

So much of our home life has to do with words and worship. What can be said about the words that are heard and seen around our homes? How can they stir our hearts and the hearts of our children to worship God? In this episode we looked at the profound nature of our words, and why it’s vitally…

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How Do I Teach My Kids to Pray?

One of the biggest questions I get asked about prayer is “How do I teach my kids to pray?” As we learn the importance of prayer in our own lives, it’s only natural to want to impart that to our kids, too. And I truly believe teaching our kids to pray is just as important as praying for them…

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How Children View “Home” (The Home, 2 of 4)

So much of our lives revolve around the home, but how do our children see their role in the mission of their home? In today’s episode we discussed three key questions. What do your kids understand about your home? Do your/our kids know that our home has a purpose? How can your kids…

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How & Why to Let Your Kids Suffer

We’re lying on the bed, all piled in together listening to the girls tell us about their trip. They giggle and gesture and talk lightning-fast in that way only tween girls can do.  Our two daughters, London and Eve, have just returned to us after two days away— days spent with their best friend and…

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Finding and Embracing Missional Moments (The Home, 1 of 4)

Every day is rife with opportunities to connect with our kids and to connect their experiences with the gospel. The question is whether, as parents, we’re watching for them and embracing them. In this week’s episode, we look at what small, missional moments are available in the home.…

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How Do I Talk to My Child about Pornography? ft. Dr. Denny Frederick (Sexuality, 4 of 4)

It’s undeniable: porn is ubiquitous and its effects saturate our culture. As parents, it’s imperative that we’re on the offensive when it comes to this issue. But how? How can we begin having fruitful conversations around pornography? At what age is it necessary and appropriate?…

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5 Guiding Principles as You Shepherd Your Child’s Sexuality

In our previous post, we discussed four lies the current cultural narrative constantly feeds us about sex— and how God’s way is the only way to true life. In this post, we want to offer five principles that have helped us as we’ve navigated this tricky terrain. We hope they bless you as you…

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4 Lies Parents and Kids Have to Stop Believing about Sex

Our culture loves to talk to our kids about sex. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot of truth in what they’re being told.  From Miley Cyrus to Demi Lovato; kids are being told “Be sexual!” “Make porn!” “Do whatever you want to nurture your true, authentic self!”  Many kids (and a lot of us adults, if…

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4 Lies About Sex Parents Must Reject (Sexuality, 3 of 4)

Falsehood comes in any number of forms. At times the lies are obvious and overt. Other times they’re subtle and subversive, perhaps even wrapped in language that sounds morally right and good. In this episode we explored an article written by the gals behind Mama Bear Apologetics for the…

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3 Critical Truths About Sex to Teach Your Kids

When I put my trust in Christ as a young man, I began addressing my sexual sin and dysfunction for the first time. I brought a lot of baggage into my marriage because of my sexual sin— baggage I hope my kids never have to deal with in their own lives. I’ve also served as a marriage pastor for over…

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